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Hotel classification

Ministry of Culture claims that hotels that haven’t been classified yet will be penalized.
Starting from the 1st of July all Russian hotels are obligated to be classified. In case of ignoring this law significant penalties will be imposed on a place of accommodation. This was claimed by Alla Manilova, deputy minister of Culture of The Russian Federation.

“The amount of penalty for enduring activity by unclassified hotels depends on the annual turnover of a place of accommodation, but it will be not less than 50 KRUB for minor hotels, about 200 KRUB – for medium hotels and 1.5 mln.RUB – is a possible penalty for major places of accommodation. Applying stars on business signs or using them in any advertising production by unclassified hotels is also penalized. A certificate of a hotel’s registration might be called off in case of breaking the rules of classification twice”, claimed Alla Manilova.

Manilova also mentioned that getting the certificate post factum would be also punishable by a fine therewith both individuals and companies would be held administratively liable.

Congress-hotel “Forum” was classified as a 4-star hotel on July, 15 2017.