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Facial and body care

Enjoy various procedures in our unique SPA-capsule Dermalife SPA-JET OCEANA 2G PROFI, which combines a hydropathic complex, qualities of an alpha capsule and a whirlpool bath.
Guests of our Spa are welcome to enjoy different kinds of facial and body treatment which answers every client’s need or preference. High-quality natural cosmetic products by world's leading brands help to achieve anti-aging effect and restore health and radiance of the skin.



Enjoy various treatments at the unique Dermalife “SPA-JET OCEANA 2G PROFI” spa-capsule, which combines physiotherapeutic hydropathic complex with functions of alpha-capsule and a hydramassage bath. Spa-capsule treatments are pleasant and very efficient in fighting extra weight, cellulites and body intoxication.


Spa-capsule treatments include

  • various body wraps (chocolate, almond chocolate, cranberry, algae, etc.),
  • various peeling types (chocolate, grape, cranberry, etc.),
  • pearl milk bath,
  • Vichy shower,
  • Scottish shower and many other treatments.

Price — from 600 RUB

Waxing or sugaring is also available for our guests. Our specialists are trained to the highest standards to use both hot and warm waxing methods and you can be sure that you’re in safe hands and will be absolutely pleased with the results.

The main reason I write this review is to thank Masha – a wonderful massage specialist. Frankly speaking I was sure that the first procedure would become the last one. But her massage technique changed my decision! Thanks to her I came back from work in a good mood feeling relaxed and not exhausted. My back wasn’t sore I was calm and didn’t have any trouble with my health during that business trip. I think I should credit her hands for it.
Viktoria Baiburina
Everything was great. We are happy! The sauna is a real catch! Keep up the good work!
Конечно, это рай для души и тела! Сначала мне предложили расслабиться в джакузи и принесли чай с вкусняшками. Это было божественно, я бы балдела там целый день! Но дальше меня ждали еще приятные процедуры в SPA. Конечно, поразил меня вакуумный массаж. Я не ожидала, что это будет так болезненно, но, как известно, красота требует жертв. И я мужественно прошла через это испытание. К тому же после него меня снова ждал релакс. Я посетила солярий. Вышла я оттуда обновленной, помолодевшей, похорошевшей!
Вера Игнатова
Спасибо большое девочкам Спа-салона!!!! Порекомендовали сделать Обертывание в Спа-капсуле, это что-то!!! Кожа после процедуры стала нежная, гладкая, подтянулась и еще я получила невероятное расслабление!!!! Как будто сбросила лет 10!!!! Цена тоже приятно удивила, всем рекомендую.
Thank you for the gym! All the comfortable conditions are created here! Special thanks to a receptionist who was always ready to help with fitness equipment!

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